Digital Library Testimonials

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"The depth and breadth of the content in the SPIE Digital Library makes it useful for a lot of research areas. I’m often pleasantly surprised by how much the Digital Library has in it."

- Linette Koren
Librarian/Liaison for KGCOE/CIMS and CAST/ET
Rochester Institute of Technology


“Putting out papers as they become available is very good so we don’t have to wait until the complete proceedings are published online. People like to look at the papers as they come online. This is a big appeal.”

- Sharon Mehl
Senior Librarian
Applied Materials


"The SPIE Digital Library is broad enough to be useful; it covers a lot of disciplines which means we know students will find what they need."

- Bob Heyer-Gray
Engineering, Transportation, Mathematics, Statistics Librarian
University of California, Davis


“With the Digital Library, I don’t have to do all the research myself. I can go and download a great deal of convenient information. The archival coverage is absolutely essential. I depend on that coverage.”

- Harry Levinson
Digital Library User
Advanced Micro Devices-AMD


"Many research groups present their current work at conferences and often material is covered in a conference proceedings that is never published in a journal article . . . it’s of immediate use which makes it a valuable resource."

- Ruth Mackey
Applied Optics Group
National University of Ireland, Galway


“SPIE proceedings have information that you don’t get otherwise, it’s not published anywhere else so it’s a unique resource.”

- Merete Rarup
Assistant Professor
Stereology and EM Research Lab, Institute of Anatomy
University of Aarhus, Denmark