Promotions For Trials & Subscribers

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SPIE would like to help you build awareness of the SPIE Digital Library as a valuable resource. Please contact SPIE to let us know how we can help.

Our current efforts include:

  • Single named contact for all inquiries for timely and knowledgeable responses.
  • Involving the library community in all major decisions through a global Library Advisory Panel and research projects for specific decisions such as pricing.
  • Institutional branding. Upon request we will add your logo to the Digital Library interface so that users know they’re accessing content you have selected and invested in for them.
  • Online training sessions lasting up to one hour and tailored to your users’ interests.
  • Ask us, and we’ll mail out posters and other promotional items to help build awareness.
  • Printed and PDF user guides to help support users with searching, downloading, sharing, and saving information.
  • Social media activities such as our twitter feed @SPIEDL at for keeping in touch with the wider issues affecting our world.