SPIE eBooks

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SPIE eBooks includes roughly 200 valuable SPIE Press titles including monographs, tutorial texts, and field guides on the same user-friendly SPIE Digital Library platform as SPIE Proceedings and SPIE Journals. At least 15 new titles are add to the eBooks collection each year.

Frequently Asked Questions (PDF)
SPIE eBooks Collection (PDF)

Features of SPIE eBooks:

  • At least 15 new titles published first with SPIE eBooks each year
  • Unlimited simultaneous use by individuals affiliated with subscribing institutions
  • Content provided at the chapter level as PDFs for downloading and printing
  • Stable links to facilitate use in e-reserves and courseware systems
  • No digital rights management
  • MARC records available from SPIE (no charge) and as an OCLC set (charge)
  • Integrated search with SPIE Proceedings and SPIE Journals
  • Open access to all book front and back matter
  • Interlibrary Loan allowed

Institutions may subscribe to the eBooks collection via an annual subscription or as a one-time, perpetual access purchase. Most academic institutions are priced as single sites.

Option 1: Annual Subscription for Single Site

  • 2014 price of $1,250 for new SPIE eBooks subscribers and those first subscribing in 2013
  • Post-cancellation perpetual access via DVD of PDF files and Portico for content published during subscription term. No back content rights

Option 2: One-time Purchase with Perpetual Access to Full Collection for Single Site

  • 2014 price of $12,375 for new purchases of all content
  • 2014 price of new content for continuing access priced at $1,250 for 2013 purchasers of full collection
  • Post-cancellation perpetual access to purchased content on SPIE Digital Library platform for modest annual platform fee. DVD of PDF files and Portico access also available

Explore the full functionality of SPIE eBooks with the following chapters that may be accessed without purchase:

Every research and teaching institution that has a significant involvement in optics and photonics technologies should make SPIE eBooks available to its community.