Digital Library Promotional Materials

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The SPIE Digital Library bookmarks are
6 1/2" by 2" and come in assorted designs. The various covered technologies and the library's web address are listed on the reverse side.


The SPIE Digital Library notebook is 7 3/4” by 5” with blank, graphing paper great for engineer work.

User Guide
The Quick Start Guide provides an overview of the SPIE Digital Library, its benefits, and how to use it.
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The promotional posters are 24" by 18" and highlight key elements in the world of optics and photonics. Each package includes 5 different posters.



The post-its are standard 3” by 4” with the SPIE Digital Library logo and web address.

"What is Optics and Photonics" Poster
A great way to show all the different ways in which optics and photonics apply to different scientific topics.